Terrarium TV Fix
Terrarium TV Fix

Terrarium TV Fix

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Terrarium TV is back!

What is Terrarium TV, You might Ask..!?

Terrarium menu

Terrarium TV is an Android app that you may use to search the web for free Movies and TV shows, so it’s a search engine! And on September 11th, the developer of the app, NitroXenon announced with an update to the app that it would shut down by the end of September, as it did.



A community of users and fans of the app came around and fixed it with a patched version, just like you installed the previous version or versions, this is like installing a regular app, but just in case let me take you through the steps.

  • The most important part is removing the old app as both have the same version and will, therefore, conflict with each other if you don’t remove the old one! I’m on FireTV but on every android device uninstall and install process is similar, head up to Settings, Applications, Manage Installed applications, find Terrarium TV, select, and Uninstall

FTV Settings

  • Open a Downloader or install it, if you don’t have it, and navigate to, clickytv.com/ttv and hit download 

  • This will download the APK, Install it

Terrarium TV Install

  • Run through the prompts when you first load the app and watch TV!

Terrarium TV 3

Please be advised as this is a simple fix! It might break at any time, however, I will keep this article updated with the latest Terrarium TV APK, so if you try to install and it doesn’t work leave a comment below and I will update the APK.

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