stream PC games to Fire stick
stream PC games to Fire stick

Stream PC Games to Fire Stick

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How to stream PC Games to your Fire Stick using Rainway

In this article, I will take you through the steps on how to stream your PC games to your Fire Stick with a cool app called Rainway, I will also provide some tips and tricks to get the best performance possible.

This is not Steam link although it is similar in a way, so if you want to take your games to the living room TV why not give it a shot as Rainway is free no strings attached, you can even stream to Android and iOS devices including Apple TV and Android TV and web browsers, it is super easy to set up you even have the option to remote desktop into your PC, so let’s get started!


Please note I have added affiliate links to this article, and I do thank you if you purchase through my links




Rainway Requirements

  • I’m not 100% sure but I believe Windows 10 is required, (if you have Win 7 and it works let me know)
  • Since we will play on the Fire Stick a game controller is required
  • Steam Running on your PC
  • 5G Wifi or Ethernet connection
  • There are no minimum system requirements for your PC however, Rainway says if the game you want to stream runs well it should stream without a problem


Let’s Install Rainway on the Fire Stick

On your Fire TV home menu press up and left to highlight the magnifying glass and search for “Rainway”, or simply speak into your remote


Download, install and launch your app, hit Get Started and Rainway will provide you with a code


Install Rainway on the PC

From your PC open your browser and head over to and enter the code from your Fire TV, Click the link then click the Download Now button to download the Rainway Dashboard


Once downloaded install it, enter your email and password to create an account, you will also need to confirm your email



Once your Rainway dashboard loads you will need to log into your Steam account


If you do have Steam games you should see them in the Rainway dashboard, let me show you how to add a game that is not in your Steam library

From the Rainway dashboard click Add Shortcuts, and Add Manually from here navigate to your games exe file, please note that if the game does not launch correctly you did not point it to the correct file, the best way to find the exe if you have a desktop shortcut is to right-click it and select Open file location


Give your game a title, add a banner and Save it, do this for all your games


At this point you should be good to stream games to your Fire Stick


But before we do let’s go through the settings on the Fire Stick so we can get the best streaming performance and the shortest lag


You will need a game contriller conected at this point


Launch the Rainway app, navigate to the left and down into the Settings menu, here what I recommend first is changing the Frame rate from 60 fps to 30 fps, this should decrease lag, if you find there is still to much lag you can set the quality to Fast, stream resolution is another factor, you can always bring down the resolution to 720p HD to get faster speeds

Feel free to play with the settings to get the best performance


Head into Advanced, if you would like to use Remote desktop by selecting Visible this will add a Remote desktop shortcut next to your games


Okay let’s launch a game, head to the left and up to go back to your games list, select a game and hit Play Now

To exit the game you will need to exit the game from the game menu first, then press and hold the Share button( on PS4 Controller) or the left select button (on an Xbox controller) a menu will pop up, from here select Quit Game

Another thing to note on this menu is the information bar at the top of the screen, this will indicate the lag in milliseconds, the video frames per second and audio


That’s about it, I hope you make the bests of this free software and use it to stream all your favourite games to your Fire Stick








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