Setup Smart IPTV
Setup Smart IPTV

Setup Smart IPTV

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Let’s Setup Smart IPTV on an LG Smart TV


Although this how to setup Smart IPTV on an LG TV, it will be the same for Samsung TV and Android.

  1. On your tv, go to the App Store, and download Smart IPTV

  1. Install the App and run it.

  2. When you run the app for the first time this is displayed, take note of your TV’s Mac Address

  1. Head over to your computer and go to

  1. Type your Mac address, paste the IPTV external link, or upload your M3U file. Don’t forget to check the captcha at the bottom right corner

  2. Over at your TV all the channels should be displayed now, Enjoy!


Quick tips

  • Depending on the age of your TV and the number of channels on the M3U list, the app’s loading speed can vary, you can modify the M3U file with a text editor and just remove any channels you don’t need.
  • Using the Channel up and down button while in the main channel list will scroll through pages and once you select a channel use channel up and down to change channels
  • when watching a channel hitting the select or enter button this will bring up a channel list or guide.
  • hitting the green button will bring up the guide
  • blue button will display your channel groups


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7 comments, 1 share, -1 points

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  1. Hello how can I add favourites in the smart iptv app. My samsung tv is a year old but I cant find a way to create favourites.

    1. from my experience on the LG app, when you are watching the live stream, hit the select key, this will open an EPG, when this is open you can control your favorite channels, hitting the red key adds the channel to favorites and the green removes it.

        1. There are two EPG’s, the main one comes up when you hit the green key, or after the app loads, and the other when watching a live stream by hitting the select key, this is for LG TV’s though, it could be a little different for other platforms.

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