PS4 remote Play Fire Stick
PS4 remote Play Fire Stick

PS4 remote Play Fire Stick

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PSPlay App
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Looking for a PS4 remote play alternative for the Fire Stick?

Unfortunately after the PS4 firmware version 8 update, this forced the current PS4 Remote play app for Android to be updated to version 4, with this update the app supports PS5 remote play as well as PS4 but unfortunately, the app is no longer compatible with the Fire Stick or Fire TV

Enter PSPlay a third-party app right on the Amazon app store so you don’t even need to go through the hassle of sideloading an APK file, let me take you through a review of the application, my thoughts and how you can get the best stream quality and the least amount of latency.



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PSPlay Review


  • With this app you can use it on Playstations running older firmware so you are not forced to update just so you can play remotely
  • You can use any controller connected to your Fire TV or Fire Stick, simply map the keys and you are good to go
  • If you have multiple PSN accounts you can add all of them and simply select the one you would like to use
  • You can add multiple Playstations into the PSPlay app
  • Stream games up to 1080p
  • Connect to your PS4 from anywhere in the world


  • App is premium price varies depending on where you live
  • Some controls like shaking the remote touching the centre pad and vibrate do not work
  • Fast Home Network(Router) is Required




Install PSPlay on Fire Stick

Installing the PSPlay app couldn’t be easier, from the Fire TV home menu simply press up, left and select the magnifying glass to perform a search, type in “PSPlay” and you should find the app


Go ahead and install the app, once installed launch PSPlay and, check the box that you understand this is not a game or emulator, as some people believe that PS4 remote play is a PS4 emulator so the developer placed this here to make sure you understand, once you apply the checkmark, click Get Started


Select Register PS4, from the drop-down menu select the version of firmware you are running on your PS4


Once you select your Firmware head over to your PS4 so we can configure remote play

One requirement of the PSPlay app is a LAN connection, make sure your PS4 is connected to your LAN and let’s make sure the LAN connection is okay

Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable > Easy and test Internet Connection


Go back to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings, make sure Enable Remote Play is checked


Once this is done, head down to Add Device, you should see an 8 digit code take note of this code so you can input it into the PSPlay app, you have 300 seconds until the PS4 times out


Head over to the Fire Stick, and let’s input the 8 digit code and hit the back button, navigate down and click Register PS4


I know it looks like the app only allows 5 digits but I assure you it will work just type the code in


You now need to sign in to your PSN account


Once signed in, PSPlus will ask you if you would like to use PSPlay over the internet, so if you are travelling, you can take your Fire Stick and leave your PS4 at home


At this point, we are set to go, but let me take you through the settings to get the best video streaming quality, so navigate to the left and select Settings



1080p or 720p, I’m running mine in 1080 and I have a PS4 slim

FPS (Frames Per Second)

Set it to 30



Real-Time decoding

I have this checked as it decreases latency, but if you are having issues try shutting it off

Video stream format

Keep aspect ratio

Don’t drop frames

I selected this option, but if you notice an increase in latency shut this off

Compatibility mode

If you notice your video freezing then turn this on, in my case I did see freezing once I turned it on freezing stoped

Use software decoder

Software decoders don’t usually do a good job so I recommend leaving this off

Stop streaming with double click

Turn this on, this will allow you to exit PS4 remote play by double-clicking the back button on the Fire remote

Show microphone button

If you have a headset and you intend to use it in remote play then turn it on, if not turn it off as you will see a mic icon on the screen to access your mic


These settings should give you the best video streaming, make sure you are on 5G WiFi


Some other thing I would like to point out, you can add multiple PSN accounts into PSPlay as well as multiple PS4’s, one last recommendation I have is to perform a Button map on your PS4 controller as the PS button at the centre of the controller will take you to the Fire TV Home menu, a way around this is to map a 2 button combination, what I did was I mapped the Share and Option button to simulate the PS button.






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    1. Go into the app’s options and all the way at the end there is a show microphone option make sure it’s on, I haven’t tested this but I know it puts a mic on the screen so you may use your headset.

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