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What is IPTV?

Perhaps you’ve heard of IPTV before, but this is a new term as most of the world has gone digital, basically all you really need nowadays is an internet connection that has enough bandwidth for the video quality you are streaming or watching, IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, and is basically a list of IP addresses or web links.

There are many IPTV subscription options, the best option that most cable and satellite subscribers love is the fact that you can pick and choose individual channels as opposed to having to select large packages or lists of channels, which makes things better for consumers.

More and more these days we see IPTV deals all over the internet, from 30 to 5 bucks a month, some give you deals if you pay for more than a month in advance, and you can get IPTV to work on any device from internet connected digital boxes like Roku or Mag to Apple TV and Smart TV’s, the methods are endless.


let’s outline some methods and tricks to consider.

One of my personal favourites is to use an app for your Smart TV, so depending on the make and model of your TV you can essentially install an IPTV app, add a file or setup the IPTV app and your watching your favourite live tv.

One app in particular that I would like to share is Smart IPTV¬†available for Samsung and LG TV’s, you should be able to find it right off the TV’s app store, or you can check out their site here. It will give you a free trial, but if you like it buy it it’s around eight bucks and defiantly worth it.

To get this to work or to add channels to it you can do your research and try to find Smart TV IPTV subscriptions or use my list here*** and once complete an m3u file will be sent to you through e-mail, download the file to your desktop, one tip I recommend is to use a free program called VLC ( the Video Swiss army knife)download and install VLC, load the m3u file onto your computer so you can test it with VLC to make sure it works, I’ve had times where not all the channels work or they work but not well, so this way you can find out before setting up your TV.

Head over to your tv, load the Smart IPTV app and take note of your TV’s mac address and punch it into the site,¬†, next you will upload the m3u file, click the upload button and head on over to your TV, start the app and you should see the list of channels from your m3u list.


What I love about this app is it has a Guide option and will display the TV program start and end times, you can set up your favourite channels and use the channel buttons on your remote to navigate your channels.

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