Perfect Player IPTV Setup
Perfect Player IPTV Setup

Perfect Player IPTV Setup

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Perfect Player is one of the most used IPTV apps today on Android, so if your streaming device runs on Windows, Linux, Android or some type of Android OS this app will run on your device, big shut out to Niklabs for creating such an amazing app!

So we’re talking Fire TV, Google TV, Android TV, Android phones tablets and set-top boxes, I’m sure you get the point it works everywhere.


Let’s set up Perfect Player!

Download the app from the app store or sideload it through your browser by downloading the APK

Launch the app once downloaded, you should see a thin bar loading across the centre of the screen over the splash screen

Controls will vary by your device and remote, but you should still be able to configure Perfect Player accordingly.

Perfect Player should load to a blank screen, hit the menu key to bring up the menu

Main Menu

Here you can, access the Main menu, enable the EPG or Electronic Program Guide and change your view styles, detail, table or list.

Select Main menu

Main menu

From left to right, the play button will play the stream or content, the stop button will stop, the square with an arrow pointing down will bring up a source menu where you can select your source, live TV, VOD, or local files, the camera icon will bring up an options menu where you can change the aspect ratio, zoom, change the audio track and enable subtitles, the two arrows circle icon will refresh your list and the gear icon will bring up the full menu, lets click the gear to add our playlist.

Select General, and then Playlist URL or file path, here you need to add your playlist URL including the HTTP part, naming your playlist is optional.


now hit OK, and select EPG URL or file path, if you were provided or have an EPG URL type it in here the same way as Playlist and hit OK once complete.

Go back,  and then back once more, this will take you to the main page and if you typed everything correctly your channels should start loading, a loading bar should appear at the top right corner of the screen.

Once complete your screen should look something like this…

That’s it, you’re done, enjoy watching TV with Perfect Player!


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