How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS3
How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS3

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PS3

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Quick tip how to connect your PS4 controller to your PS3

First off why would you want to connect your PS4 controller to your PS3?

Well if you want to play a 4 player game and your 2 controllers short or you brought your PS3 to a friend’s house but you only have one controller, I can keep going on.

It sucks that the PS3 controller is not compatible with any other device other than the Playstation 3 itself, so when I got my PS4 for the first time I was amazed when I connected the PS4 controller to my phone just for fun( you should try it if you haven’t yet)

The PS4 controller is actually called a DS4 controller, this stands for Dual Shock 4, the dual shock is the technology it uses to vibrate and sensors it uses and 4 is the generation just like the Playstation gen 4


Here is how to Connect PS4 Controller to PS3, quick and easy

You will need an existing PS3 controller to navigate the menus


Navigate to Settings, and down to Accessory Settings


Now navigate down to Manage Bluetooth Devices


Your PS3 will prompt to add or register a new Bluetooth device so let’s say Yes


You should now see a prompt to start scanning for Bluetooth devices, before you hit Start Scanning, grab your DS4 controller


On your DS4 controller press and hold the Share and PlayStation buttons at the same time until you see the controller start flashing, once it’s flashing select Start Scanning on your PS3


You should see a device called Wireless Controller, hit X to pair the DS4 controller


Your DS4 controller is now paired to your PS3, you can now play some nice multiplayer games, enjoy!


If you ever need to connect the DS4 controller back to your PS4, the easiest way to pair the two is to connect the controller to the PlayStation using the micro USB while the console is off, press the power button on the Playstation and once it’s powered on hit the Playstation button on the DS4 controller





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