Free IPTV with Live Net TV

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Looking for a simple free IPTV solution?

Free IPTV with Live Net TV

This is such a simple and easy to use app, its available for Android and PC, just install it and use it!

Download the App Here

Live TV


The Only prerequisite for this app to run on Android is the ability to install unknown apps, or the developer mode needs to be enabled otherwise install will not be allowed, you can activate this in your settings, in the fire TV you can find this in Settings under device.

I’m currently running version 4.6 of the app on my FireTV 4K stick, and let me say no real issues running the app on this device, it doesn’t seem to need any real requirement, you can probably use it on an old android box, it will work on a phone or tablet as well.

Live Net TV provides over 800 channels of live TV, mostly international, and VOD movies section is available with the latest movies

The service is 100% free, they do take donations and place ads to support the servers they use for the app, for more information about Live Net TV go to their website

One Thing I do recommend for this app is the MX Player, I found it to work with most links, feel free to use the default player but with MX you get some extra features and it supports more video formats, MX player can be downloaded from your app store Google or Amazon.

Hope you enjoy the app, any questions or comments leave them below!

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